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Drumming the Heartbeat

with First Nations Artists and the Hannaford Youth Band

February 15, 2015 3:00PM – Jane Mallett Theatre, St.Lawrence Centre for the Arts

Join HSSB for an event honouring the ties between First Nations and Canadian brass band traditions, both of which are deeply connected to the pulse of the drum — that which symbolizes the ‘heartbeat’ of Mother Earth and the celebration of life that is nurtured and expressed through love by all of humanity.

Featuring First Nations performers — vocalists, traditional drummers, and dancers — with the Hannaford Street Silver Band, highlighting works by Canada’s award-winning Kelly-Marie Murphy, acclaimed Odawa First Nations composer Barbara Croall, and renowned Mohican American Indian composer, Brent Michael Davids. Also featuring other works by Edmund Rubbra (UK), Kevin Lau (CAN), and Paul Lovatt Cooper (UK).

Alain Trudel, Guest Conductor

Barbara Croall, Odawa First Nation Guest Performer, Composer & Curator

Rod Nettagog, Ojibwe First Nation Featured Traditional Singer and Dancer

Bradley Lloyd Henry, Onondaga First Nation Featured Dancer

Bear Fox, Mohawk First Nation Traditional Singer and Song Composer

Tickets: $50 Regular, $40 Seniors, $35 Under 35, $15 Students

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St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts Box Office: 416.366.7723 or 1.800.708.6754

Concert Program

Croall (CAN): Ani-naanaaba’anishin (Walk Along in My Footsteps, 2014)* Davids (US): Made by American Indians (2009)*

Croall (CAN): Zaagi’idiwin Nagagmon (Love Song, 2014)* Rubbra (UK): Variations on ‘The Shining River’ (1958) Murphy (CAN): Drumming the Plain, the Horseman is Coming (1992)*

Lau (CAN): Great North Overture (2009)

Cooper (UK): Where Eagles Sing (2007)

Soloist performances by Rod Nettagog (traditional singer/drummer/dancer), Bradley Lloyd Henry (traditional singer/drummer/dancer), Bear Fox (traditional singer), and Barbara Croall

(traditional cedar flutist)

*world premiere performance